Real Talk: Conversations About Mental Health Among Designers

November 9, 2018 10am - 11am

Join us as we engage in real talk with conversations surrounding mental health among a panel of designers and creative entrepreneurs hearing real stories and tips from a local therapist on how to overcome these challenges.

  • Capital Factory

  • 701 Brazos St.
  • Austin, TX 78701

Real Talk: Conversations About Mental Health Among Designers

There are many factors that affect our mental health as designers and creative entrepreneurs. There is a delicate balance to managing a healthy mental state that allows us to create every day as healthy and whole human beings.

We are going to discuss topics such as: imposter syndrome, solitude, taking feedback personally, understanding successful work whether it’s chosen, owning your worth, agency politics, fast turnarounds, idea execution under daily creative pressure, recognizing low ceilings/feeling trapped, tapping into what make your work unique, tuning into what really drives you, making the work you want to make, defining proper client boundaries, setting clear expectations.

The goal is to leave the audience feeling less alone, more connected, empowered and inspired to continue on the path of creativity.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Tools to overcome specific mental health challenges as an independent creative
  • To reduce the stigma of mental health by discussing relatable yet taboo topics allowing the audience to leave feeling less alone and more connected

Leave feeling empowered and inspired to continue the path of creativity.


Shelby Aranyi

Since 2014, Shelby has worked with IBM teams and clients to evangelize and adopt design thinking in strategy, offerings, client engagements, and delivery workflows. Her current focus is on IBM Watson Education’s strategic partnerships, exploring how new technology can help teachers deliver personalized learning experiences to students in the classroom.


Brooke Robinson

Brooke Robinson is the founder and chief curator of the largely popular lettering arts resource, Goodtype. She began Goodtype after she quit her job as a graphic designer at a local Texas retailer called TYLER’S and rode her bike down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico. TYLER’S is where she also learned how to produce and manage the marketing and social media which played a large role in leading her where she is today with Goodtype. Brooke was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University in 2007. She now runs Goodtype full-time while maintaining her art career in Austin, TX.


Lauren Dickens

Lauren Dickens is an independent creative living and working in Austin, Texas. She chose to pursue a career utilizing that creativity through the lens of Design. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she's developed a broad range of skills, ranging from typography and illustration to branding and copywriting. Through all these practices she focuses on thought-forward design, and strives to create work that is clear & communicative, witty, and at times provocative. She's worked for larger clients like Target, Facebook, and SXSW, but she also loves building brands from the ground up with smaller folks who are passionate and bold.

Oen Hammonds

Oen Michael Hammonds, a designer, mentor and Design Principal at IBM, has designed across the gamut—services, advertising, graphic, interactive and environmental. Oen's current work with diverse clients in the consumer, business and technology industries demonstrate his ability to jump in and solve tough and complex challenges. At IBM, Oen works with the HR Design team to drive the design and implementation of impactful IBM HR experiences by increasing alignment and integration between HR programs, teams, and tools while focusing on the needs of employees, first-line, and upline managers. In this role, Oen works with his team facilitate strategic projects and workshops that transform IBM HR to build iconic products and services with human centered experiences.

Drew Lakin

Drew is a multidisciplinary independent creative & Texas native, whose fascination with DIY mentality forged a path into the design world. A self taught screen printer and musician, he’s no stranger to finding different avenues to push his creative energy.

Simon Walker

Simon Walker is a designer and custom lettering artist working in Austin, Texas. Some of his clients, past and present, include Nickelodeon, American Eagle, Ed Helms, Vanity Fair, Pepsi, ESPN, Brené Brown, Nike and Target.

Lindsay Legé

Lindsay Legé is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist in Austin, Texas. She has a passion for working with issues around significant life transitions (some folks call her a gender therapist), coming out in later life, open relationships, and sexuality. She’s also the host of Transgressive, a podcast about all things gender and some things sexuality, too.

  • 701 Brazos St., Austin, TX 78701
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  • Friday, November 9th
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  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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701 Brazos St.
Austin, TX 78701

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